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Crown Acura Service Center

  • Acura A1/B1 Service
  • Full Synthetic Oil
  • Front Brake Reline
  • Transmission Service
  • Timing Belt Replacement

Acura Service

Visit our Acura dealership for the latest and greatest service offerings and specials right here in Greensboro, NC. We offer phenomenal service at the right price with warranty-backed OEM parts.

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Serving Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, Burlington

The dealership has been serving the Greensboro, NC community for years, and we welcome customers to come and check out our service center. We employ the latest tools and techniques, and we always strive to provide exceptional customer service. Quality is always are number one priority, and we do everything possible to maintain perfect customer satisfaction. When it comes to repairing vehicles, our dealership works hard to retain customers.

We perform a multi-point inspection on every vehicle that comes through our doors. This helps us to diagnose additional issues and it ensures that customers always get every issue resolved. Since the cost of labor is one of the more expensive parts of a repair, diagnosing and repairing issues in a single visit is the most economical way to receive service. Our dealership is capable of repairing all sorts of issues, including oil, collision, transmission, tire and engine services.

Automotive Service

Some auto repair shops try to save money by not using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Since a general auto mechanic has to service a wide variety of vehicles, it's more cost-effective to carry generic brakes, oil filters and oil that may not match the components suggested by the manufacturer. This can result in issues later on down the road. By using only high-quality parts, it's possible to ensure a longer life and better performance. This is why our dealership only uses OEM parts when we make repairs.

It's easier for a dealership to stock the right parts for specific makes and models. Since we mainly operate on Toyota vehicles, we don't have to worry about stocking a large amount of parts for other manufacturers. Auto shops that wish to use OEM parts must either order the parts from the dealership or the manufacturer. This can be more expensive since they must order parts individually and not in bulk. OEM parts are guaranteed to meet a specific quality threshold while aftermarket parts are not.