Lease v Buy Acura

Leasing Benefits - Why Lease?

Lower your monthly payment!

Monthly lease payments are usually lower than monthly loan payments from financing because lessees are only responsible for the use of the car, not the entire vehicle. Most of the time, you can lease an Acura with little or no money down, so you also save in out of pocket expense there.

Upgrade your car more frequently!

If you like to upgrade your vehicle to the latest model often, leasing is for you. Having the latest technology or safety (or styles or trends) may be important to you- and if that's the case, a lease on a car is probably for you.

Have more options available!

When you lease, you have more options available at lease-end. You can choose to lease another Acura, or purchase the one you've been leasing at a much lower, no hassle pre-determined price. Wanting to make a change? You also have the flexibility to turn it in and walk away at lease-end. Without the hassle of selling or trading in your old vehicle (often times for less than you owe), you can experience a simple process that allows you to drive a new car every few years.

Little to zero car maintenance!

Frequently, people lease for the length of time that the manufacturer's warranty is still valid. If any repairs are needed during that time, they are usually covered by the warranty. Acura offers a variety of great warranties.

Leasing programs through Crown Acura Greensboro

Have the freedom to change your mind every few years, often with lower monthly payments than a loan. Visit us for the best lease rates in Greensboro, Durham, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Winston-Salem and North Carolina.

Leases and vehicle loans are just two different methods of automobile financing. One finances the use of a car, and the other finances the purchase of a car. There are benefits and drawbacks to both. Whether one or the other is more beneficial to you depends entirely on your own situation and preference.

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Finance Benefits - Why Buy?


At the end of your loan, you own your car with no further payments. You can love your Acura for as long as you want!

No Limits.

Drive an unlimited amount of miles with no penalties- if you typically drive your car more than 12,000 - 15,000 miles per year this option is more attractive.


If you like to customize, modify, or repaint, then buying a Acura is your best choice.

True Love.

Do you get emotionally attached to your cars? You may enjoy a purchase to avoid the separation anxiety.

Asset Retention.

When you buy, you retain the benefit of trade-in or resale value. However, since a car is a depreciating asset, you may find yourself a bit upside down if you choose to trade unless your loan has been fully paid off by that point.